Optimize your Docker Image by following these best practices from day one.

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If you are new to Docker, think of it as you can choose a template (Base image) and define your instructions (Docker file commands) to put your code inside and run it.

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Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform that hit like a storm, and every tech company, from fortune 500 to startups, is adopting it when possible.

Get to know the best practices used in the industry to improve code quality.

Ensuring code quality is a team effort regardless of the job title. A manager, developer, or tester has to work through to delivery of high-quality code.

1. Use Linter at IDE Level 🖍

Exploring the New Capabilities of GitHub Container Registry

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So what is the best DevOps tool out there?

But what about the deployment environment? …

Introduction to IaC


Kubernetes Resource Management from the Portal

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